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who we are

We are a body of Born-Again, Spirit-Filled, Kingdom-minded Christian organization.

An end-time-revival, Apostolic-Styled ministry, with a mandate to inspire global change through spiritual awakening among the youth.


What We Do.

  • To Save souls using the Good News; Inspire Global Youth Revival For End-Time Spiritual Harvest.
  • Establish a holistic university to provide Natural & Holistic Education/Training to troubled & challenged youth, Through Organic Learning, Direct-Mentorship, & Life-Coaching,
  • Create wealth among the poorest of the poor by using our business wing, Red River & DARCKY Group, to establish industrial jobs or provide Economic Assistance such as micro-financing, to transform and improve the economic lives of poor, troubled, and challenged youth; and the economic lives of battered & abused women; and that of orphaned children. This would Facilitate Rapid Community Development.

vision specifics

YOUTH MINISTRY: e.g: Apostolic Revival Center International has developed a robust youth transformation program that works. These special programs are meant for the troubled and challenged youth; our society’s rejects! We provide restoration through spiritual deliverance, direct mentorship, life coaching, talent development, skill & job training programs for traumatized & emotionally troubled; as well as the physically and mentally challenged youth, such as youth on the streets; youth in the gangs; or youth on drugs and in drug business; youth behind bars or as ex-convicts. In addition to their spiritual well-being, We create jobs for jobless youth, and assist others to start their personal businesses. Providing salvation and deliverance for the soul through the word of God is the first and primary step of our mission. But that is not enough! A complete salvation, including whole mind-health, physical health, and wealth-creation for the youth is our goal. We do this through our business creation wing, Red River Group Ltd.

• WOMEN’S MINISTRY: e.g. We hold Women Conferences around the globe, through our “Virtuous Abigails” program. We help restore and improve the spirit of widows, single mothers, battered, & abused women. Our women training program helps to establish these vulnerable women in Christ through natural education, entrepreneurship training, and micro financing. In the end, poor women emerge as business owners.

• CHILDREN MINISTRY: e.g. With the establishment of our Trade Technical University in Accra, Ghana, we intend to provide quality holistic and natural education to the poorest of the poor children in Africa, starting from Kindergarten through tertiary levels of holistic education. By holistic and organic education, we mean the German methods; to start training the kids from Kindergarten in library arts & culture, poetry, story-telling, music and dancing, language arts, gardening and farming, special technology in construction with straw-bales and clay, experimenting with green vegetation and water-bodies, etc., etc., all of which happen mostly outdoors, and exposes the children to a considerable amount of the sun, which is “vitamin D” for building the children’s immune system. By the time the student reaches their first year in Senior High School, they already know where they are going; as to whether they are academic-college bound, or they are technically college bound, or say, agriculturally bound. We will provide satellite campuses and centers at several different locations in Ghana (similar to orphanages, but better), as training and developmental centers for the natural education and full care of these orphans and destitute children. We will supply these children to our Trade Technical University for advance and technological education. A special part of this pilot project with a full scholarship is given as a priority to special children with special needs, or youth who are disabled.


Established by Rev. Charles DK Asare & Prophetess Rose Marie Clark-Asare at Palmdale – California, in 2019; the Apostolic Revival Center Int. is therefore, a spiritual, physical, and economic development center; for the spirt, soul, and physical body of the individuals in need. Rev. Charles and Prophetess Rose Asare were called in 2019 and brought together by the Lord and commissioned to deliver this exceptional and uncommon spiritual and humanitarian services to mankind. They simply and humbly responded to this challenge with the hope of bringing hope to the hopeless, and changing their Palmdale Community in Antelope Valley. Now, the Lord has directed them to take this ministry’s vision to Africa, and the world.

Before coming together as one in marriage and merging their ministries together in 2019, Rev. Charles Asare had through evangelistic & prophetic deliverance ministry, been dedicated to training and mentoring the youth of his generation from Africa and beyond, for over three decades. In 2002, through the grace of God, Rev. Asare started Charity Kingdom Orphanage, which is still exiting today with incredible stories and powerful testimonies; testimonies that are of those little angels/orphans.


On almost the same unprecedented note, Prophetess Rose had used her calling to organize women conferences across the United States and beyond, and has used her ministry to save, to support, and restore multitudes of battered and abused woman, as well as helped many orphaned, and foster children in the US and beyond. In 2007, Prophetess Rose through the grace of God, established an orphanage in Kigali, Kenya.


Being in youth minister for over three decades, Rev. Charles Asare’s calling is concentrated on saving and developing troubled, challenged & street youth, inmate youth, and ex-convicts. His unique holistic methods of training and mentorship have yielded proven results, and it’s now being converted into a holistic university, attracting the partnerships of seven other universities from Germany and the United States, to partner with our trade technical university in Ghana, West Africa.


ARC Int. Is a Kingdom-oriented, end-time revival Christian ministry. We the Good News of the Word of God to save, deliver, empower and restore desperately vulnerable and needy people; especially battered women, or youth behind bars, who desires for a change, and a second chance.


RRiver & DARCKY GROUP is the business-wing and brain-child of Apostolic Revival Center International. It is the economic and wealth empowering wing of this ministry, to carry out the ministry’s industrial vision of becoming economic blessing to the world. It will use our trade technical university and other industries such as our up-coming gold mines, as a means of educating, training, mentoring, and economically empowering troubled, challenged, poor, and needy people in our community, to achieve their own God-given dreams of building healthy and promising carriers and private business wealth.


meet our team


Charles D. K. Asare

Chief Executive Officer

Proph. Rose

Rose M. Clark-Asare

Executive Assistant

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Mr. Joseph Turkson

Representative of the CEO in Ghana

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Ms. Dorcas Asare

Human Resource Manager

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Mr. Akowuah Kennedy


Samuel Designer

Samuel Sasraku Larbi

Graphic Designer