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Youth 77 is a non-profit human empowerment foundation of Apostolic Revival Center (ARC INT’L.), founded by Rev. Dr. D.K Asare.  With its arms extended across Africa, America and beyond. We  aim at uniting the youths across the globe for the global evangelistic revival, equip them with profound knowledge that is profitable for the advancement of God’s kingdom, and facilitate the process of educating, developing, releasing and maximizing their talent potentials as well as empowering them for the wellbeing of man, society and organization.

Her main aim and objective, as personified in her motto, … be a youth at 77” compel her to engage in the following strategic activities:

• Reaching, mentoring and empowering orphans, less privileged and prisoners to fulfill their God given purpose.

• Evangelizing, training and discipline the youths to propagate the gospel across the globe.

• Sending missionaries and volunteers to give care to kids and youths in the world that are suffering from starvation, drugs, epidemic, war, drought, and all kind of diseases, improve the quality of their lives and train them as missionaries to reach others.

• Radio Station, social media, books and other publications.

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To win 25% of the impoverished youths around the globe.

• To ensure that every youth have access to a good education and skills acquisitions.

• To raise youths that are spiritually and mentally sound

• Youths will be involved in the cultural exchange programs which includes; scholarship,
travelling to be educated in other countries, sports and entertainment, etc.

• To train them to become teachers in our school of witnessing and evangelism.

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building an enviable future.

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meet our team

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Rev. Dr. D.K Asare

Founder/ CEO

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Beatrice Madonna

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apostolic revival center

Beatrice Madonna

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Camilla Porter

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We are committed to help prevent criminal act among youths and give them skills and hope to
live a better life.


• To equip prisoners and impoverished youths to break the cycle of poverty through holistic kingdom centered care, enabling them to become followers of Christ.


• “Our passion is to demonstrate the love of Christ for all kinds of people in the world”